Hooligans on the road to molest women - Enroll Now as Police Friend


Hooligans on the road to molest women - Enroll Now as Police Friend

Women safety has become joke in the Bengaluru. During events like New Year Celebrations and others some boys out there molest girls in the crowd. Considering the behaviour, there seems no difference between Delhi and Bengaluru considering women safety. 

Nation become witness to first mass molestation on the roads of Bengaluru. With the police short of manpower it was difficult to manage unruly roads. Girls has to run literally removing there footwear. Many hugged women constables after escaping the horror. 

"I personally went and asked one of the cops deployed on the streets to go to the aid of two women being accosted by a group of youth on MG Road. He went and chased them but they were back to the spot in a couple of minutes.There was nothing much that they could do as the group was back and the women were also in the same crowd.”

If you want to volunteer for this cause. Submit below form. We will connect like minded people. 

What we will do? 

We will create a list of people who can help Police. We will submit the list to the Police headquarters so that they have the required manforce during such operations. 

You can also send your phone number and name to info@joinpolitics.in.

Also, mail us for any queries: info@joinpolitics.in




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