Malnutrition in India


Malnutrition in India

Malnutrition, particularly in infants and children below 3 years, has plagued India as a malignant tumor. India even places the sub Saharan nations to disgrace as evident from the data that say every one in 3 of the world's malnourished children live in India, the largest democracy in the world. Malnutrition in early childhood causes serious impairments in sensory and intellectual capabilities and also in social and emotional progressions. The death toll due to malnutrition can also be appalling as apparent from the proven fact that thousands of childhood deaths occur in India.  

A few of the main factors accountable for malnutrition in children are mineral and vitamin deficiencies, anemia, iodine deficiency, and vitamin A deficiency that results in blindness and a host among other ailments. Each one among these deficiencies combined leads to the high mortality rate. Besides that, low resistance power in undernourished kids causes them to die from typical childhood illnesses like intestinal and respiratory illnesses.  

Malnutrition is a complicated problem which can be solved by essential components like safe drinking water supply, appropriate sterilization, school instruction, agriculture and food and public distribution. Ousting malnutrition totally from our nation is a Herculean task. It's among the top agendas of the government and is now getting adequate attention at the highest levels. The government has imagined a multi sectoral strategy.Direct and specific actions are taken to address the issue of malnutrition by implementation of numerous strategies and applications throughout the state authorities and the Union territory administrative systems. It also include integrated Child Development Services specifically designed for pregnant mothers and new born babies. 

The National Food Security Bill will even assist significantly to relieve the malnutrition problem. As per the Food Agriculture Organization report, 17.5% of India's populace was believed to be undernourished. In spite of the honest attempts by the government, food bill is in limbo due to numerous factors like lack of volunteer labor. 






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