Innovative India Patent


Innovative India Patent

The patent law and the whole patent system in India are controlled by the superintendence of General Controller of designs individuals, trademark patents and by geographical indicators. This office of general accountant runs under division of commercial policy and campaigns. In all there are about four patent office in India among which the mind patent office can be found in Kolkata and the other offices are located in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. The examiners of every patent office have to dispatch their work in accordance with the direction of accountants. Everyone can be allowed patent for any of their creation whether it is an item or some process. 

This term Innovation is in fact defined in accordance with the patents act of 1970 which is changed time to time. This innovation term means a brand new process or product which includes innovative methods which are capable of some industrial applications. In order to be patentable the innovation should fall in the group of patentable subjects. In addition the creation also needs to relate to some machine, material or article that's generated by some identifying process. The person may also get patent for even doing some developments within the article or in the procedure for the manufactured merchandise. 

With regards to drug or medical products or any other form of chemical products, you'll find no patents granted to the item. The person may produce the manufactured creation in any one of the four patent offices of India and thru the aid of the patent broker, the patent may be granted for the invention.






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