US Army around the world


US Army around the world

Senior Army and Pentagon strategists and organizers are thinking about ways to fire existing weapons platforms in new ways around the world - including the possible positioning of mobile artillery units in areas of the South China Sea.  If needed, to function as air defense weapons to knock incoming rockets and cruise missiles outside from the sky. Alongside the South China Sea, more mobile artillery weapons used for air defense may also prove useful in places like the Middle East and Eastern Europe, officials said. Having mobile counter air weapons like the M109 Paladin, capable to fire 155m preciseness rounds on the move, might prove to be an efficient air defense hindrance against Russian missiles, plane and rockets in Eastern Europe, a high army official told Scout Warrior.  

Seeing the South China Sea, the U.S. Has a nuanced or complex relationship with China including both competition and co-operation. The latest Chinese move to place surface-to air missile in the territory in the South China Sea has increased concerns and led Pentagon planners to consider different alternatives. Officials are clear to stress that no decision has already been made along these lines, yet it is among the things being contemplated. In the same time, Pentagon officials have openly stated the U.S. will continue freedom of navigation exercises wherein Navy ships sail within 12 miles of territory promised by the Chinese - and concerns are clearly on the rise.

Additionly to these activities, it's entirely possible the U.S. could also find ways to deploy more unpleasant and defensive weapons to the area. Naturally, a move of this type would need to involve close co-ordination with U.S. Allies in the area, as the U.S. Claims no territory in the South China Sea. This could involve the implementation of the weapons system that has traditionally already been used for offensive attacks on land. The effort could use a M777 Howitzer or Paladin, weapons capable of firing 155m rounds.






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