We are different, but we are one


We are different, but we are one

Whilst speaking about cultures of a certain nation - anyone outside, in the normal course, will not be capable to differentiate them by the location. Viewing from outside, all Americans may be categorized as one to follow American Culture despite the fact that the individuals belong to distinct parts of America - as Texans, Californians or Georgians- and there might be slight differences in culture. All of the people living in the UK are British for the outsiders, regardless of their place of origin in England.  

As for languages spoken - All - Americans and British - talk English, of course with the jargon of nativity specific to the area they live. So if you ask anyone what's the language spoken in America, consistently they are going to answer as English. In spite of those language differences, India was a nation, reckoned as one of stature and an old culture in the world stadium. Owing to the years of British Rule, India continues to be maintaining English as the National vocabulary, not only among the individuals of India, but also other nations of the whole world.  

This empowers the State Governments of South India - Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnatka, Andhra and the Union Territory of Puduchery - which are not having Hindi as the official language, to socialize with some other Hindi talking North Indian States, including the New Delhi. Foreigners are presuming that Indians talk Hindi given that they do not have the inside information. The screening of only Hindi movies mainly across the world states of America, Russia, U.K. And Europe contribute to this notion generously. Therefore the number of languages spoken in India differentiates the countries to some extent, common in the said region. 

Among the masses of north Indian inhabitants of Bihar, or Madhya Pradesh, entering a temple for worship, without taking bath isn't a subject at all, while a Keralite or Tamilian may ban it as a sin. Taking for review the South Indian culture, it's preserving the customs left as a legacy from generations, dating back to 1000's of years. Indian civilization history begins thousands yrs old from the Sind Plateau, on the banks of River Ganges. While North India was invaded and captured by visitors, including Alexander the Great, and after that by the Moguls hundreds of years back, South India escaped the wrath of foreign invasions comparatively.






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