Yoga Business


Yoga Business

It can be difficult to believe to outsiders who see more income being made in yoga now than in the past but it requires lot of efforts.Business aside, it appears the shiny new love affair between yoga and contemporary culture.Carol Horton, co writer of 21st Century Yoga, was a clear voice contemplating the changes happening in the yoga world. She mentions the work of Thomas Kuhn and the theories of Model Drift, Model Crisis, and Model Revolution leading to a paradigm shift.  

As we've seen even more scandals, and the passage of eminent yoga figures, professionals and teachers are letting go of long held views and declarations. More than before, people are organizing to use yoga in advancing positive social change and encourage causes that look to address problems of body image and income disparity. The Model Revolution is in its first phases. 

Matthew Remski, writer of Threads of Yoga, continues to be conducting extensive investigation into - What're We Really Doing in Asana? His WAWADIA project is ruffling a wide range of feathers and drawing out some unspeakable truth regarding the encounters people are having in yoga practice and the thoughts they're based on. 

Serious and hard questions are being asked that we've yet to fully answer for ourselves. Not only are teachers taking a hard look at what they're teaching and practicing, but on the vitality of yoga as a profession. Fact is, clamoring to teach workshops to large groups of individuals for a chunk of cash that works out to be less than imagined isn't a reliable long term financial plan. 

Following a couple of years of teaching and still fighting to make ends meet, most are feeling the need to abandon their yoga plan and explore what else could be possible. Only those with a living situation that may support it and the deep motivation that training is a vocation are able to endure long enough to make it work, but often not really with that.






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    Yoga Business

    It can be difficult to believe to outsiders who see more income being made in yoga now than in the past but it requires lot of efforts.Business aside, it appears the shiny new love affair between Read More

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