Medical Tourism in India


Medical Tourism in India

India is rapidly becoming a top notch place to go for Medical procedures. The Indian government realizes that the sector may be an important foreign currency earner for the nation. Big amount of well trained and knowledgeable doctors along with modern age medical services make India an ideal spot to select health journey. India continues to be bring medical visitors from US, UK, Middle East and Africa. To help the International Medical Traveler, medical facilitators happen to be setting up businesses. Companies like Medaccess India help organize for the right physicians, accommodation along with other stuff needed to make the visit of the international health voyager profitable. 

The importance of such facilitators is enormous as several hospitals resort to the dishonest practice of overloading the patient. The economical recession in the World has given a push to the business of Medical Travel. American patients have become keen to save on health care costs and thus travel to cheaper locations like India for saving health care is the solution. At the UK, the state financed NHS is ineffective and several patients possess a waiting list of 24 months. Private health care in UK and US is extremely expensive and so is insurance. The patients don't have any choice, but to contemplate surgery in some overseas destination. 

In latest times, several hospitals in India have obtained the JCI certification. JCI stands for Joint Commission International is just a not for profit body and provides certification to services in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. This accreditation implies that the health provider like the hospital or clinic has a certain standards of facilities and doctors. JCI accreditation goes a considerable way in assuring the individuals of the quality of the health services. Which makes it easy for the individuals to choose on the venue where they'll undergo the medical procedures. Increasing number of hospitals are going for JCI certification to attract medical visitors.






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