Essay on Nehru


Essay on Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru is an outstanding face in India's freedom struggle. He was born on Nov 14, 1889 in a rich Brahmin family in Allahabad. Nehru imbibed patriotism and love for country from his father Motilal Nehru who himself was a known and powerful politician who also served once as a president of the Indian National Congress. His charm, spiritual breakthrough, and vision significantly contributed on the Indian independence movement. He was named the first Prime Minister of Free India who chose the entire obligation to build the nation. Being the person in the Congress party, he's done many monumental work and can also be known to be direct the newly freed country. 

In the year 1916, Nehru actively participated in the Lucknow Session of the Congress where both the extremists and the reasonables consented to the need of self rule or swaraj. Later on, after several movements and sessions, Motilal Nehru released the Swaraj Party in the year 1922. Though Motilala went from the Congress to the Swaraj party, Jawaharlal Nehru refused to leave the Congress party. In due course, Jawaharlal Nehru was likewise imprisoned for his active involvement in the civil disobedience campaign. Throughout the time he was in jail. Nehru was greatly touched by the beliefs of Gandhi that revealed a new strategy to cope with the system of caste distinction and the social problem of untouchability. 

In the year 1926, Nehru left to get a European tour with his family. There he stumbled on several various kinds of individuals including the socialists, communists, and even radical leaders. There he was impressed by the financial system that he wanted to get it to his own nation. After returning Nehru was named as the chairman of the Congress in 1930 with the sole purpose to subside the high intensity of communism in the Congress. After several socialist activities, violations, and civil movements, India was introduced to be a free country. The English Empire was overthrown by the congress on August 15, 1947 after about fifteen years of Guwahati session. 

Jawaharlal Nehru was named as the first Prime Minister of India. As the Prime Minister, Nehru has made several contributions to build a happy and better country. One by one he tried to sort out all the political and social issues within the nation. In the year 1949 he visited the US in search of the ideal answer to the existing food scarcity within the nation.







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