What Modi fears? Hinduism?


What Modi fears? Hinduism?

India's Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi seems to be facing his worst nemesis, the revival of Hindu nationalism extremism. Ideologues to derail Modi even before he can start his agenda of economic reform. The beginnings of Hindutva and revivalist Hindu chauvinism originated in the beginning of the twentieth century British rule in India. Hinduism is a religion unlike others, particularly the Abrahamic religions, because you are born a Hindu, but you can't be converted into one through almost any ceremony. 

There is also no essential creed or any book or books that every Hindu should know or recite. There were Hindus who significantly believed that their polytheistic faith lacked the means to face monotheistic religions. In 1909 a brochure titled Hindus: A Dying Race was released which made the preposterous argument that Hindus would shortly turn into a minority and Muslims would turn into the majority in India. That this view still has frequency in a latest statement by senior leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Praveen Togadia.

Bloody and brutal Partition left a legacy on Indian nationalism and the description of citizenship in the Indian constitution. India is just a secular, pluralistic democracy where citizenship is just territorial and all minorities, ethnic and religious, are treated as equals. Hindutva, or Hindu chauvinism and revivalism, alternatively defined citizenship differently. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, the chief ideologue of Hindutva, wrote a brochure in 1923 entitled who is a Hindu -

'Essentials of Hindutva where you define what he Relates to as citizenship for almost any Hindu or individual who lives in the Indian subcontinent. Savarkar says that a Hindu is he who considers the land from the Himalayas or the Indus to the Indian Ocean as his Fatherland and Holy land. Since all the other religions in India - Zoroastrian, Christianity, Islam and Judaism - have their holy Outside Lands the Indian subcontinent their followers can't be seen as true citizens.’






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