Delhi Rape


Delhi Rape

The 2012 Delhi gang rape case included a rape and deadly assault that happened on 16 December 2012 in Munirka, a neighborhood in South Delhi. The event took place when Jyoti Singh, a 23 year old female therapy intern was beaten, gang raped, and tortured in an exclusive bus where she was traveling with Awindra Pratap Pandey. There were six other on the bus, including the motorist, all of whom beat her buddy and raped the girl. Eleven days after the assault, she was transferred for crisis treatment to a hospital in Singapore, but she died from her injuries two days afterwards. 

The event created widespread national and international coverage and was broadly condemned, both in India and abroad. Later, public demonstrations against central governments and the state for failing to provide sufficient protection for girls occurred in New Delhi, where 1000 of demonstrators and security forces clashed. Similar protests occurred through the state in major cities. Since law in India doesn't permit the press to publicize a rape victim's name, the sufferer is now extensively known as Nirbhaya, meaning unafraid, and her life and death have come to symbolise women's battle to stop rape and the long held exercise of blaming the victim instead of the perpetrator. 

All of the accused were detained and charged with homicide and sexual assault. Among the accused, Ram Singh, died in police detention from a possible suicide on 11 March 2013 in the Tihar Jail. According to some published studies, Ram Singh hanged himself is said by the authorities, but his family and defense lawyers defendant said  - he was killed. The rest of the accused went in a fast track court on trial, the prosecution completed presenting its proof on 8 July 2013. A juvenile was convicted of murder and rape and given the maximum term of 3 years imprisonment in reform facility. 

On 10 Sept 2013, the four remaining mature defendants were convicted of homicide and rape and 3 days afterwards were sentenced to death by hanging. In December 2012, as a result of the protests, a judicial commission was set up to examine public ideas for the finest means to amend laws to supply more rapid investigation and prosecution of sex offenders. After contemplating about 80, 000 ideas, the committee submitted a study which suggested that failures on the portion of the authorities is root cause behind offenses against girls. In 2013, the Criminal Law Ordinance was promulgated by President Pranab Mukherjee, many new regulations were passed, and six new fast track courts were established to hear rape cases. Critics contend that the legal system stays slow to hear and prosecute rape cases, but most concur that the case has led to a massive rise in the public debate on offenses against girls. Figures show that there is an advancement in the number of girls willing to file a crime report.






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