Mohammad Shahabuddin is a criminal. He was elected 4 times to the Bihar Vidhan Sabha, with the Rashtriya Janata Dal party of Lalu Prasad Yadav, and 2 times as MLA, as a Member of Parliament. Being convicted in several criminal cases, he was debarred from challenging the 2009 general elections. In Bihar, the RJD party had set up his wife Hena Shahab from Siwan constituency in the 2009 general elections, but she was conquered by his long time adversary Om Prakash Verma by 63, 000 votes. 

In the year 2004, the adversaries of Shahabuddin were intimidated against campaigning although he was in jail throughout the elections. Promptly after the elections, he won by a border of 100,000 votes, 9 party workers of the closest nominee Om Prakash Yadav of Janata Dal, were found killed, supposedly for daring to put up a credible fight. He is widely considered to have rigged several polling stations in the past. 

In May 2007, Shahabuddin was found guilty in an incident of abducting with intention to kill. Shahabuddin became incredibly pompous against the authorities along with other govt. bodies, smacking and shooting cops at will. In Mar 2001 the authorities were carrying out a warrant on Mr. Manoj Kumar Pappu, the president of the local RJD unit, when Shahabuddin objected and slapped the detaining policeman Sanjiv Kumar, while his guys beat up the cops. 

The authorities then re grouped and pitched on the house of Shahabuddin. With aid being sought from other police units in the area, including one from Uttar Pradesh there was substantial fire exchange that killed eight others and two officers. Three AK 47s along with other weapons being discovered near several of the dead person. Shahabuddin escaped. His men also escaped, shooting constantly to cover their movements, and setting fire to 3 police jeeps. Neither Shahabuddin nor Manoj Kumar got detained. After this episode, many more cases were filed against Shahabuddin, but he couldn't be detained. Shahabuddin was running a parallel management in Siwan, keeping kangaroo courts to settle land and family disputes, fixing physicians consultancy fees, and arbitrating on marital issues.






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