Nathuram Godse Statue


Nathuram Godse Statue

The first ever bust of Nathuram Godse - Mahatma Gandhi's murderer- unveiled and was installed by the members of the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha in Sharda road office, Meerut on the function of Gandhi's birthday. The statue had attracted controversy. It was placed on Gandhi's birthday. Members observed Gandhi Jayanti as Dhikkar Divas. National VP of the outfit, Pandit Ashok Sharma, said - In the year 2014, we'd attempted to install the bust of Godse but authorities wing took the issue to court. 

Our measure signifies it's time, all Indians quit following Gandhi's footsteps and start worshipping Godse. The two feet broad and two feet high stone statue of Godse weighs 50 Kg. It had been brought to Meerut office by Yogendra Verma, the UP unit president of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha. A shawl and a garland were presented to the bust of Godse by the members after it has been revealed. The bust cost Rs 45, 000 and was brought from Jaipur. 

All the cash has been set in by Pandit because I do not see a point taking cash from others for this type of good cause. Do we follow Gandhian principles today? We all follow the principles, but nevertheless praise and worship Gandhi. Had we been pursuing Godse footsteps, Uri attacks wouldn't have occurred. 






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