Manoj & Babli


Manoj & Babli

The Manoj Babli honor killing event involves court case which historically convicted defendants for a honour killing. The people associated with the homicide includes relatives of Babli. The relationship was approved by relatives of Manoj, especially his mom. A khap panchayat, a religious caste based council among Jats, in their Karora village in Kaithal district, Haryana ordered the killing. The khap passed resolution forbidding marriage union against social standards. Such caste established councils are common in the internal areas of several Indian states, including Haryana, Punjab, western Uttar Pradesh, areas of Bihar and Rajasthan. 

The opinion of the Khap panchayat was based on the premise that Babli and Manoj belonged to the Banwala gotra, a Jat community. They were not being directly connected sib. However, the couple went ahead with their union. Karnal district court sentenced the 5 perpetrators to be executed. This marked the first incident an Indian court has done so for honour killing case. 

The khap leader who ordered the killing, but didn't participate in the murder received a life sentence. The motorist associated with the abduction got seven years jail term. Earlier, Babli's family filed a first information report against Manoj and his family for kidnapping Babli. Manoj went with Babli to court, testifying that they'd wed in conformity with the law. The judge ordered police protection for the two. While going to Chandigarh,  five cops fled leaving the Babli and Manoj in the hands of destiny. 







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