Conundrum was made for the sum insured, the police also remained stunned


Conundrum was made for the sum insured, the police also remained stunned

In order to get the Insurance money in Surat, a man created such a ficious story, in which there were such revelations that police also remain stunned. The incident is in Mudat village of Surat, where Ramesh lodged a complaint against the burning of four children due to fire in tin shed.

Ramesh, who runs a vegetable business, told police that he had gone out of work with his brother, but when he returned home, he found the tin burned. He told that the fire broke out due to the cylinder burst. When the police reached the spot, started investigating, they suspected Ramesh's statements.

On being rigid, Ramesh said that he has played this whole game to get 20 lakh rupees of insurance. The biggest disclosure was that in the names of the daughters whom they wanted to take insurance money, in fact they never came into the world. To get insurance policy, Ramesh made fictitious certificates for girls of 8 to 12 years of age and named them Darshan (10), Mansi (9) and twin daughter Raaswati and Rajeshwari.

Ramesh said before leaving the fire, he left the pigs in the teenage shed, so that he could get the sum assured by dodging the police. The police, who reached the spot, got only 5 bones, after which it was convinced that there was a big mistake in this incident. Police told that Ramesh has two boys arrested. The police has arrested his brother too.






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