New Forms of AIADMK are All Set to Fight the Poll Battle


New Forms of AIADMK are All Set to Fight the Poll Battle

The factions of AIADMK led by V. K. Sashikala and O. Panneerselvam get new names and symbols, after the Election Commission prohibits using the name ‘AIADMK’ and the ‘two leaves’ symbol for the R.K. Nagar by-election. The Sashikala group is christened as ‘AIADMK Amma’, while ‘AIADMK Puratchi Thalaivi Amma’ is the new name for the OPS faction.

AIADMK Amma at first proposed ‘auto’, ‘bat’ and ‘cap’ for symbols. Finally they applied for ‘hat’ and got the approval of EC. The Panneerselvam group is going to fight the poll battle with ‘electric pole’ symbol. The voting is going to take place on April 12 in R.K. Nagar, to fill up the vacancy created after the demise of Jayalalitha, people’s favorite ‘Amma’.

Panneerselvam has placed veteran party worker E Madhusudhanan as the candidate fighting for the R.K. Nagar seat. And TTV Dinakaran will fight as the face of Sashikala faction. Dinakaran is presently in-charge of the party, during Sashikala’s jail term. Deepa Jayakumar ( Jayalalitha’s niece) and Gangai Amaran (BJP) are two other potential candidates for the seat.






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