Woman Empowerment: Family Determination


Woman Empowerment: Family Determination

Compassion kept alive the significance of Kashish’s name. After papa's body was lifted, Kashish became the hull for the whole family. The only way to take care of the stationery shop was to handle it. She married her elder sister and is giving higher education to the younger. And of course, she is also studying.

Manoj Kumar Jain of Farhokhan, the idol of Kurla, used to run a stationery shop in the town itself. His father Manik Chandra shop also collaborated in it. Manoj Kumar had three daughters. Manoj Jain died on 2nd May 2012 due to disease.

The death of the son shook the elderly Manik Chandra. At the age of 90, Manik Chandra could not sit at the shop. The shop was the only resort to the whole family to support. After the demise of Manoj, keeping lock at the shop started causing difficulties for the family. During that time, Manoj's elder daughter Nancy and second Kashish were studying. The youngest daughter of Niharika was very young.

Manoj's wife Sudha and second-daughter's Kashish took over the shop when there was much trouble in sustaining. Sudha used to sit at the shop till Kashish returned from her College doing BA. With the hard work of mother-daughter, the shop started settling down. On January 23, Baba Manik Chandra also breathed his last. In this difficult situation, Kashish tied her mother up and took charge of the shop alone. When the family was financially stable, Sudha got stressed about her elder daughter Nancy’s marriage.

Sudha and Kashish married Nancy in November last year. Sudha says that with the way in which the daughters became successful in difficult circumstance, I never felt lack of son. Today the daughters are only running the family. 






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