Changes To Take Place In Country Starting April 1, What Goes Cheap & What Will Be Expensive


Changes To Take Place In Country Starting April 1, What Goes Cheap & What Will Be Expensive

With the beginning of the new fiscal year i.e April 1, many significant changes will be seen within the country. A large number of such proposals have been projected in the General Budget 2017-18 which will be implemented from 1st April. If seen from the eyes of the common man, there will be a lot of changes from April 1 that will directly affect his pocket. Know what will be cheaper than April 1 and what will get expensive

First of all know what will be cheaper:

Cheaper Train: 
If you book online tickets, then the train may be cheap for you. This is because the service charge will be reduced on the railway ticket due to which the booking of tickets will be cheaper. In the General Budget 2017-18, the charge for the booking of rail tickets will be reduced.

Easy to buy home:
If you are planning to buy a new home then the new finance year has brought you for sale. This is because in the General Budget 2017-18, the Central Government announced a rebate on home loan interest to provide cheap houses to the people.

What else will be cheaper?
If you look at the provisions of the general budget, the prices of RO will be low, leather goods will be cheap and the facility of postage will also be affordable.
Along with knowing what is going to be cheaper, it is also important for you to know that what is going to be expensive from April 1 will directly affect the common man.

Below Items will be expensive: 

With the new financial year i.e. from April 1, insurance for motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles is going to be expensive. NHAI has increased the toll of 2 to 3 percent. Apart from this, all the telecom companies that were providing unlimited data and calling facility for free so far will end them on March 31. LED bulbs will also become expensive. Silver utensils and silver products will be expensive.

Steel utensils will also become expensive from April 1. Excise duty on tobacco-based paan-spices and gutkha will increase from 10 percent to 12 percent, the impact will be on the pocket of those who use it. Apart from this, cigarette puff is also going to be expensive. 






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