Find your way to reach your will


Find your way to reach your will

Once upon a time, there was an ant who had a big dream. He wanted to fly! His little colony of ants told him, ”Hey! That's impossible, an ant cannot fly!” 

But he replied firmly, “You can say whatever you want to. I want to fly!”Not a single ant stood beside him and supported his belief. So one morning, the ant got up and set upon a journey to find someone who could teach him to fly. After walking for long, he met Lilly, the peahen. “Hey Lilly! Can you teach me to fly?” “Well no, I cannot fly myself!”replied Lilly. “What is the use of birds if they cannot fly?” said the ant angrily and walked along.

He met a pigeon next and asked, “Can you teach me to fly? I have met a pea-hen who cannot fly but can you?”The pigeon said, “Why do you doubt that. Don't you see my long feathers?”“Even the pea-hen had long feathers, but she could not fly!” “Don't worry, I can teach you,” said the pigeon. “Wonderful!” he said, with a gleam in his eyes. The pigeon had a plan. She fixed some feathers on the ant's body. Then, from a high platform, she pushed him. He flapped his feathers very hard, but only fell down and got hurt. More than the injury, he was deeply hurt inside.

“I still cannot fly,” he thought and walked on, thinking what to do next.  Soon, he reached a park. Some children were blowing bubbles there! Busy in his thought, the ant walked along the garden path and even before knowing it, walked into a bubble. And as the bubble began to fly, he began to fly too! At first, he did not understand what was happening. He said to himself, “This is the silliest thing to happen to me after meeting a pea-hen who could not fly. Why, even the ground is the color of the sky!” But then suddenly he realized that it was not the ground, it was the sky and he was flying! His happiness knew no bounds. “I will tell the whole colony about this,” he thought as he danced in the sky.

Where there is a will there is a way.. it’s up to you to find out the ways to reach your destiny.






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