Industries and States Face the Heat of Liquor Ban


Industries and States Face the Heat of Liquor Ban

Supreme Court’s recent order of liquor ban around 500m of all national and state highways has cast havoc on the liquor industry, hospitality sector and state revenues. The restaurants, pubs and bars are pleading the authorities to keep them out of this verdict. The hospitality industry has faced a huge loss during the first weekend after the order. The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Chandigarh is thinking of showing protest in a public place, declares the president of the association. There is also a suggestion of declaring a part of the National Highway 5 as ‘major district road’.

Kerala, the state which has the record of highest liquor consumption in the country (10.2 ltrs annually), has lost a huge part of its revenue. The tourism industry which is already facing the crunch of demonetization, fears more loss due to the liquor ban. Kerala also has thought of transferring state highways into district roads.

The state of Uttar Pradesh has chosen the option of changing the status of state highways, in the same model of Chandigarh and Kerala. Goa has not taken any step yet, but Chief Minister Mr Manohar Parrikar has assured that he will put all possible efforts to save the businessmen. Goa is another hit destination for tourism and the industry is going to face the heat of liquor ban.     

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