American Government to Restrict Visa for Indian IT Giants


American Government to Restrict Visa for Indian IT Giants

Top Indian IT giants like TCS and Infosys are accused of gaining more H1B visas by entering extra tickets into the lottery system. The Trump government is highly displeased in this matter and they want to rectify the system to issue visas on the basis of merit. An official said on behalf of the American government that the giant firms are using all channels of application to maximize their chance of getting visa.

The American government identifies Cognizant, TCS and Infosys as the biggest number of visa-gainers. It is also revealed that the H1-B visa wagers are paid much less than the American engineers; low payment is given more priority over hiring skilled labors. If skill becomes the primary criteria for issuing visa, then it would be really hard to replace the American engineers with their low-paid Indian counterparts. The IT firms did not issue any statement for clarification.

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