Indian Citizens should Learn Their Responsibilities: says Arun Jailey


Indian Citizens should Learn Their Responsibilities: says Arun Jailey

The finance minister of India gives an inspiring message to the citizens. Mr Arun Jaitley insists that India should emerge as a ‘developed’ nation changing the status of ‘developing’, and it is the responsibilities of the citizens to bring this change. Avoiding tax has become a matter of ‘smartness’ in India and the government is always running out of funds to do the works of administration and development. Jaitley adds that the government cannot keep borrowing or taking donation from different organizations to run its expenses. The citizens of India should understand their responsibilities towards the growth of this country and should pay tax as they owe the government, adds the finance minister.

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  • Abhishek yadav  
    And remove poverty the government provide free education
  • Abhishek yadav  
    I think that government school not provide good education so student are runing away to private school yeqh that u are understand
  • Rohitjain  
    Good work
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