There should be an End to Vote Bank Politics


There should be an End to Vote Bank Politics

Vote bank politics has remained one of the most discussed topics in Indian politics since independence. India is a land of diversity where there are people from a number of class, caste and religion living in different parts of the country. All of these people have their own demands and priorities in life. It is not a problem when the interest of a section complies with the interest of the country. But when the case is just the reverse, the Indian Netas often pay attention to the demand of a section, than to the interest of the whole nation. This is against the total wellbeing of the nation. People who make such demands do not have the knowledge of actual wellbeing; so it is not their fault really. But the political leaders being well educated in politics, should serve the nation, not a faction. The vote bank politics is against the progress of our nation and we must try to eradicate this practice.

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  • Moulana Jawed Alam Nadwi  
  • Prithviraj Pal  
  • Prithviraj Pal  
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