China will Lose its Global Position if Sino-Indian War Happens


China will Lose its Global Position if Sino-Indian War Happens

The clash between India and China is getting fierce since China is desperate to curb India’s growth in every way and ruin its peace. Repeated breach of the Line of Active Control, deployment of naval force on the ocean and other similar steps are being continued. The recent step was China’s objection to India’s inclusion in NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group).  However big China might be, considering its industrial and economic progress, still it is not a global leader. It needs the support of the West and Europe for its growth, expansion and further development. If the continuous clash with India results into a Sino-Indian war, China’s global status will definitely fall down and the countries soliciting for global peace will definitely withdraw their support for China in every way. 

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  • Mallikarjun  
    Yes I agree and at the same time We also should take some punitive action
  • Mallikarjun  
    Yes I agree and at the same time We also should take some punitive action
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