Killer railway tracks of Mumbai


Killer railway tracks of Mumbai

Eighteen people were killed in single day. Can you believe it? Most of the people died crossing the rail tracks. Officials find it difficult to locate the family members of dead. 

"A very large number of people beyond Kalyan on CR and beyond Dahisar on WR commute to south Mumbai every day for work. They do not have any alternate option for commuting other than trains. For this reason, if the railway schedule on the fringes of the city gets disrupted, it snowballs into a law-and-order situation," IPS officer mentioned. 

"An increasing number of colonies are springing up adjacent to railway tracks. Residents have to cross from from east to west several times a day for work but there are few bridges offering such connectivity. The railways have communicated with the BMC in this regard. Until more east-west bridges come up, people will continue to create gaps in compound walls to cross over," said a railway official. Giving an example of insufficient infrastructure, a GRP official explained how foot-over-bridges at Titwala and Badlapur stations are narrow. "Titwala station has only one FOB and it's situated in the centre. It serves no purpose to people reaching the platform from either end. Nobody wants to miss a train so they prefer crossing tracks than walking up to the bridge.”






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