What message do the terrorists need to send by assaulting the Mumbai's exclusive star hotels like Taj and Oberoi Trident? By killing everybody whom they come across, what kind of political orientation, they've been following. Could it be due to the faith they've been following, which forced them to perpetrate this type of heinous offense? In the end, which religion in this globe teaches its followers to achieve redemption by killing others.  

Being humans themselves, how can they do indiscriminate killing, so inhumanely? Like this, there are lots of questions which have been showing up in the minds of every Indian after facing regular terrorist injury. Nobody, in India, in their fantasies have anticipated this kind of war like situation, which continued for four days and nights, relentlessly, in front of their eyes. Yet another astonishing matter regarding the murderous action is the terrorists assaulted top strata of the society this time. Not only that, terrorists also killed several foreigners belonging to a few developed nation like US, UK with no contemplation.  

India who is favored target of terrorists have raised this issue in various international forms. No developed countries even troubled about it. After the developed countries began facing the taste of terrorism during severe attacks like 9/11 in US or tube attack in UK  then they started focusing their efforts on containing the terrorism. Countries have been pursuing the most recent developments of terrorist attacks all over the globe and have been sharing intelligence information about the same with the terrorist hit countries.  

As time goes on, the objective of terrorism has also started changing. Earlier, terrorists have now been concentrating for the freedom of the certain region or country. They started interfering and making obstacles in other nation's activities after assuming the role of self proclaimed protectors of Islam. It's been clearly established throughout the way the latest attacks have already been performed on FIVE STAR hotels of Mumbai in India that the current goal of terrorism has changed from religious to political angle.  

Now, you'll find odds that the terrorists might try to establish a type of terrorist government extend over a few continents of the world. They want to weld the influence among the nations. They want to create environment of ransom. 






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