Women in Indian Army


Women in Indian Army

The entire problem of whether females are capable of managing the pressures inside the military continues to be underscored by her death. After staying away from civilian society and built up of hermetically sealed universe, the armed forces now find extremely difficult to cope with circumstances and individuals outside their gamut of defence solutions with regards to social problems like these. The Vice Chief instantly reacted by saying that the Army wasn't yet ready to deal with women as officers. 

A honest admission, likely, but completely out of sync with the real world, where women have joined the workforce in large numbers and also have proved to be strong leaders. Although the Ministry of Defence afterwards said he was misquoted, the comment brought to fore the issues that females are facing in the Army. It is worth mentioning in this respect that if girls have been serving in the medical corps of the army for rather long time now, it had been only in 1992 that the Army started inducting women for other responsibilities as well. There are cases where women had to face indifferent, or even hostile dispositions, on part of the male officers. 

According to lots of women, the problems are obvious to the training degree itself. The treatment meted out to men and girls cadets are plainly diverse, with women receiving softer treatment. And on the other hand, their male alternatives are of the view that considering the fact that it is only been 14-15 years since girls were inducted into the armed forces, it may take time for women and men to get used to one another. I think the military is performing pretty well. These are initial teething problems. Suddenly, one incident has been highlighted, for example, to show that women aren't treated well. 

In the end, women physicians have been serving in the military for a significant very long time and there have never been any issues.






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